Detailed Cactus V2s Mod Page

The slickly named "Cactus V2s" wireless triggers have become the staple entry point remote for those with more enthusiasm than cash.

Now you can prolong your "I'll never cough up for Pocket Wizards" fantasy just a little longer, as blogger/tightwad Jeremy Kuster has posted the most comprehensive Poverty Wizard mod tutorial to date.

More pix, links after the jump.

Jeremy posts pix, detailed instructions and an online source for the toughest part (the xmit antenna is store-bought -- and cheap) and assumes you have access to a RatShack or equivalent for battery holders, etc.

(If not, you can get that stuff the same place he sends you for the antenna.)

Don't get me wrong. If I were in college I would totally be on this route. But if you are in the game to stay, you will eventually be drinking the Pocket Wizard Kool-Aid just like everyone else.

(I'm just saying.)

:: Cactus V2 Mod Page ::
:: Cactus V2 Product Page ::


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