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Jill Greenberg's Lighting Setups Laid Bear

Reverse-engineering Jill Greenberg's light is always a fun way to spend a few minutes. But we are gonna make it easy on you today, as this vid shows her shooting a bear with that trademark lighting setup included for your viewing pleasure.

Her Jillness also talks about the time-honored publicity magnet of making toddlers cry, and even shows you a little workflow in the process. (Panther eyes, anyone?)

But that's not all, kids. Today we have a Jill Greenberg double-feature, with the back half coming after the jump.


Reading the cool photo editor blog featured in Saturday's speedlinks, commenter RuthDeb found another YouTube video of Greenberg photographing pop diva Gwen Stefani.

In the first few seconds of the video, you get a bird's eye view that shows the whole lighting scheme, naked to the world. If you do not have twelve seconds to wait, I'll spoil it: Two big brollies, ringlight, twin back/rimlights, an overhead beauty dish and a background light. You know, the same way you light shots of your own baby.

(After that it is all about Gwen, who apparently likes to play photo editor.)


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