Saturday Speedlinks, 10-13-2007

This week I took a day trip up to New York City (always fun) which led to two of today's speedlinks:

• I was up there to be interviewed for Crossfader, which brings together people from the genres of photo, video and audio. Derek Mazzone, who is running the joint, has a pan-creative vision for sharing and mashup that is not unlike what we do here on Strobist.

(I'll also post a link to the interview when it is published.)

• While walking in NYC on 57th street (the main purpose of which is to show you how much money you do not have) I came across a wonderful exhibition of underwater photography by Alex Kirkbride. The photos are from a book that is available here. Amazing stuff.

• Still mooching off of my last trip up to NYC, PhotoShelter has placed several more videos of presentations from their national tour of meetings.

That there's some good Photo TV. Definitely worth a look.

• I have had several people ask how I snagged a Diet Mountain Dew sponsorship. (See button at bottom of sidebar.) Easy -- I didn't. That's just my beverage of choice, the caffeine inside which powers this site. Total fanboy linkup. If you click on the button, you'll see the shark commercial, but I also like the illegal puppet commercial.

(And if you happen to work for the folks who make Diet Mountain Dew, you have no idea how cheaply you could have me... )



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