Chase is On the Case

Seattle photographer Chase Jarvis (whose background music is always kosher) gets all logistical in his latest video, showing how he and his group roll with all of their gear. The video above is the short version, clocking in at ~10 mins or so, and hits the basics.

If you want a master class in the logistics of transporting still, lighting, video, misc. gear and the like, be it by car, plane, expediter or donkey (seriously) hit the jump for the long form. In addition to being much more informative, it is half an hour of pure gear porn.

There are also links to learn about how to subscribe to Chase TV on iTunes, if you are so inclined.

You wanna know what is cool about Web Photo 2.0? This is cool about Web Photo 2.0:

No one else has done anything like this, totally pulling back the veil on the tricks it took them many years to learn about packing and transporting imaging gear.

How many people who watch this over the next ten years will not suffer damaged (or lost or stolen) gear and blow an assignment because of these tutorials? Chase, you rock.

And that gear. Sweet mother of pearl... I needed a cigarette after watching this. And I don't smoke.

If you learned something of value, swing by Chase's blog and give him a shout out for putting this stuff together for free. And while you are at it, you can learn how to subscribe to his stuff via iTunes. So you can put the long form vids (and the short ones) on your iPod for portable motivatin' and educatin'.

As you are checking out his channel, explore a little in the iTunes "arts" area for more neat stuff that's waiting for you.

:: Chase Jarvis on Packing Photography Gear ::
:: How to Subscribe on iTunes ::


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