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David X. Tejada Lives in Conference Rooms

So, how are we sleeping lately? Having trouble? Lemme see if I can help:

"Meeting shots..."

The mere mention of the phrase just nudges you towards somnambulistic bliss, doesn't it?

But while you are sleeping, Dave T. is minting coin. Because he knows how to light a room to get nice-looking corporate meeting shots.

"But I am a creative photographer," you protest. "And I would never waste my artistic talents on meeting sh- how much?"

If you are gonna shoot corporate, and by that I mean if you are gonna be a photographer and be able to afford braces when your kids' teeth start going squirrelly, this is a very good skill to have in your back pocket.

This, from a guy who just found out that he is two-fer-two in the "kids who will need braces" department. That's $10k worth of meeting shots right there. (My nine-year-old just got hers.)

Points to note in the video:

1) Door + sheer white cloth + strobe = humongous softbox.
2) Choose a shooting angle and create a zone of light around it. You can shoot in either direction, but you have to light the room for a shooting alley and stick to it.
3) Gels make even corporate people having a fake meeting for a photographer look warm and human.



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