Lighting Basketball: Let's Trade Ideas

It's hoops season again, with pro, college and high school getting into swing of things. We have run a few posts on different ways to light basketball using small flashes, including here, here and here.

The photo at top was from our friendly little Final Four competition with Sportsshooter last year. You can see how the photo was done (with two speedlights) by clicking on the pic or here.

How are you using your lights this year? Are you using big lights? Small lights? A mix? Any new tips for one-light techniques? Two lights? Four lights? More lights?

The first action shot is by Chad Ryan, who is using larger, plug-in strobes. (Click on the pic to read what happened about a half-second after this shot was made.)

The action shot at left, by Daniel Hyravy, was lit from down at the other end of the watt-seconds scale. He used two Sunpak 383 flashes (at half power) clamped up in the stands with some $1.99 Home Depot green clamps like I used at Towson last year.

So, what are you using, and where are you putting them? Please hit us with a link to your pix and/or diagrams in the comments. That way we can all learn from you, too.

If we get enough good stuff, maybe a round-up post will be in order.



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