Meetup Round-Up

There has been a flurry of activity on the Strobist meetup front lately. It's a great, ultra-low-cost way to meet local flashers and learn from them. This open source, social learning thing that is springing from this group is awesome.

If you are thinking of attending (or hosting) a meetup, check out the resources, pix, tips, video, etc. after the jump.

Where Can I...

Find a meetup? Just search "meetup" on the Strobist Flickr threads, by clicking here.

Ummm, How Do I...

Plan a meetup? Check the advice from people who have already done it, here

What About Classes?

The Seattle group is already all over this. See pix here and/or ask questions in the Seattle Strobist group. Anywhere there are a few people who want to share info this is a good way, too.

Nick Haskins, On Tour

Ubermeetupper Nick Haskins, having hosted a Florida and Georgia meetup, is stepping it up a notch, launching the LUMU site.

Uh, You Said There Would Be Video

Yes, I did. Check out the footage from the recent Georgia meetup:

Meetup? Let's be honest, here, folks. That was a party...

(Patapsco State Park [MD-USA] meetup photo by Gaddy Likes Coffee™.)


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