Monkeying Around

Following reader Kirk Tuck, I did a Q&A for the always-irreverent "That's My Monkey" website. We talked about pix, Web 2.0, small-flash lighting and, of course, Britney Spears.

Most important, I finally get my Ichiro Suzuki pan shot published somewhere! ('Bout time.)

:: That's My Monkey ::

Also, this was posted the week I was away, and I totally missed it. I spoke at length last month in New York with Crossfader's Derek Mazzone about the whole Photography 2.0 thing, and he has the interview up on his site.

Fair warning: It's pretty long (in three parts) and the ambient was noisy as heck. If English is not your first language, it may be tough to decipher.

And Derek was pretty much unintelligible on tape, so he cut out his Q's and just left me to ramble. But definitely check out some of the cool stuff going on at Crossfader. Especially if you are also into sound and/or video.

:: Part One ::
:: Part Two ::
:: Part Three ::
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