Paul Duncan, In the Spotlight Again

Back in the day at Patuxent Publishing, we used to have this Norman studio strobe head, called a "Tri-Light," which was basically a spotlight projector. It threw a tight beam with a sharp edge to it.

We, of course, overused the heck out of it, making really cheeseball photo illustrations.

(Hey, we were young and stupid.)

Paul Duncan, the guy who brought you the darn-near-free ring flash reflector, has built a cardboard baffle/snoot that gets you pretty close to the Tri-Light without the four-digit expense.

It has a sharper edge than a grid or a snoot, and you can customize it to get the shape and edge you want.

That's Paul at top, singing his snoot's praises as he tests it out. Love the mic, Paul. Click on either pic to get a larger version. (The diagram photo page has much more info.)

And leave your lounge-lizard musical selection requests for Paul in the comments. We'll post the resulting .mp3's next week.

:: Paul's Snootier Snoot ::



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