Dave X. Tejada: Head Shots, and Pimping Your Chimping

How do you get to never be without access to your prized Golden Girls DVD collection while on the road, and write it off on your taxes at the same time? If you are David X. Tejada, you make up some lame story about how clients would rather chimp themselves on a seven-inch screen instead of the 2.5" back-of-the-camera version.

Being Dave, he sneaks in a little lighting info, too. That big feathered soft box / reflector combo is makin' some bacon for him. And I love how well the small seamless rolls fit into cubicle land. You can shoot Dilbert and get him right back to work before Wally comes back from the coffee machine.

And anyone catch the second, stealth fill card in there? That table is white and folds up to nothing. Makes me wonder if he scrounged it from on site, or if he gets to write off his picnic gear, too. Great idea.

I'll tell you right here that the next Wally-Mart special fold-up table I buy will be white.

And don't worry, Dave. I'm right there with you on Nikon not increasing the size of the back-of-camera monitors as fast as our eyes are going south.

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