Old Masters: The O G Strobists

Way back before SB-800's were a glint in Nikon's eye, the Old Masters were working some serious light. In fact, an intimate understanding of light (and how to reproduce it) was integral to their attaining "Old Master" status to begin with.

There is a discussion thread in the Strobist Flickr Group right now where people are kicking around the subject. Studying the Old Masters to learn more about lighting just happens to be one of my upcoming New Year's resolutions, so this was good timing for me.

We'll be doing a week on Old Masters' light early next year, and I would love to see your suggestions for subject matter. There's a very good catalog site here. Drop by the thread, and/or hit the comments if you want to offer up a favorite artist and/or painting from back in the day. (Be sure to leave us a URL.)

Strobist Info

In Philosopher Meditating, (c. 1631, oil on wood) Rembrandt used an SB-24, at full power with a full CTO gel a large diffuser silk just outside of the window at left.

At right, just out of frame behind the fire, is an SB-26 on 1/16 power with a LumiQuest Ultrabounce and a full CTO gel. Exposure was 1/8th of a sec at 5.6, ISO 400, to pick up the ambient light at the top of the stairs.

The SB-24 was triggered with a Pocket Wizard, the SB-26 by its built-in slave.

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