SPOY 2007 Prize #1: A Canon G9

We are very fortunate as a group to have had a fantastic offering of prizes from the photo business community for the Strobist Photos of the Year 2007.

The first of five prizes to be announced is a hot-off-the-presses Canon G9. I have been playing with mine for about a month now, and I absolutely love it.

I thought my G7 was sweet, but this better in most every respect. So much so that it feels weird for them to look nearly the same to me.

High points:

• RAW mode (which I still have not even accessed!) Truth is, I have been enjoying the jpegs so much, I have not taken the time yet to grab the software updates to read the raw files. Looking forward to RAWs as a late Christmas present, when I get a little time to make it happen.

• Bigger files.

• Cannot measure, but seems like better shutter lag. Also, you can play a shutter sound that tells you exactly when the frame is being made, and approximates actual shutter speeds. This makes for better timing and touch.

• Hot shoe for external flash synch, full manual capability, synchs an external flash to a 1/2000th of a sec, just like its predecessor.

• A selection of features that makes it a very useful camera to have with me at all times. I would go on a month's vacation and leave the dSLRs at home to travel light without a second thought. (I can actually be a photographer on vacation that way.)

For the record, David X. Tejada seems to be enjoying his, too. As is just about everyone else I have talked to who has one.

Please join me in thanking Alison at Canon USA for this generous and very Strobist-friendly prize, and to Moishe at MPEX for arranging it.

:: Canon G9 Feature Page ::



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