SPOY Prize #4: A Pair of Pocket Wizard Plus II's

You could hardly ask for a more appropriate prize for our bunch than (2) Pocket Wizard Plus II's. Today's booty is courtesy the MAC Group, also known as the Mamiya America Corporation.

Never heard of MAC Group?

You have probably heard of some of their companies: Pocket Wizard, Sekonic, Tenba, Profoto and Toyo-View (just to name a few) are among the many photo names under their umbrella.

Pocket Wizards are the Gold Standard against which other remotes are judged, and I have blathered on about them ad nauseum for the last 18 months. So you do not need me to repeat all of that here.

Suffice to say that not only do you want these, you want as many of them as you can get your grubby little hands on. And maybe, just maybe, you can shoot yourself to a free pair.

Thanks much to both MPEX and MAC Group for this very appropriate prize in support of the Strobist Pictures of the Year.

Read more at:

:: MAC Group ::
:: Pocket Wizard Plus II Drool-worthy Specs ::

(Pocket Wizard Photo by Krazewerks)


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