I Go Away For a Week, and This is What You Do?

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In addition to de-jet-lagging and climbing Mount Unanswered Email after a week-long trip to the West Coast, I was also behind on looking through the Strobist Flickr pool to fave pics for the gallery.

In one week, one hundred and five pages of new photos had been added. That's over three thousand new pictures. Suffice to say there was some nice stuff in there.

I am working up a post from the awesome Seattle meetup on Sunday night. (I crashed it for the free food.) Also, there will be some On Assignments from the two lighting seminars we did. Those will be coming soon. And if you are expecting an email from me, have patience -- I am pedaling as fast as I can.

If the embedded slideshow above does not work for you (it is slick-looking, but a bit buggy) you can see the standard, big version here.



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