More Bert, On Location

It's my birthday today. So I am taking the day off and handing the keys over to "Baritone Bert" Stephani, who is back with another one of his smooth-voiced, small-flash lighting videos from Confessions of a Photographer.

For the newbs, note how quickly and easily Bert constantly adjusts his lighting to vary the effect. He just grabs them and goes, whether he is backing the light up to get more even lighting over a larger area or hitting his model with 12:00-high umbrella for an Iggy Pop look.

Remember, the more you do this stuff the easier and more intuitive it gets. Just do it.

Now, if you'll forgive me, I will be spending the next two hours with my senile self trying to figure out where I left my car keys -- and yelling at kids to get off of my lawn.

UPDATE: Well, I can honestly say that I did not expect this on my birthday... (Thanks, guys!)



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