The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful

Comment moderation is a bit slow and unanswered emails are piling up. But the important thing is I am having a great time in California. Met lots of neat folks at the Googleplex yesterday, ate some gourmet food (lobster tacos, anyone?) drank strawberry mojito smoothies and occasionally talked about lighting for a few minutes.

As a user, I have always been impressed with the whole Google experience, and now all the more so having met some of the people who make it happen. That's Steve, who we shot in the habitrail, pictured. More pix from the shooting portion of the seminar are here.

Saturday's lighting seminar in Santa Clara is right on track. Checked out the room and it looks great. If you are attending, please remember to bring your PayPal email receipt as your ticket.

It's darn near shorts weather here, but back home we got four inches of snow. Hope there's still enough left when I get home Sunday for a snowball fight.

(Look out, Ben. I'm comin' for ya...)



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