Jamie Squire Finishes Strong

UPDATE: A USAT photo editor reports that Jamie shot this with a remote cam, available light, set to shutter priority at -1 stop to catch the strobes.

I woke up in my hotel in Orlando to find this USA Today sports section on my doorstep from last night's Daytona 500.

On behalf of my pal (and Getty sports shooter) Jamie Squire, I would like to thank the eighteen photographers whose flashes he borrowed to use as backlights by using an available light exposure while shooting from the reverse angle.

Be assured that Jamie very much appreciates all of your hard work and timing. And he would like to show his gratitude by including each and every one of you in his USAT lead sports photo today.

You can see the page big here, or visit Jamie's Website [click "portfolio," then "sports"] to see his other great sports photos. Which should pretty much convince you that his was not luck.

And if you want to see why Getty brings people like Jamie in from out of town to cover a big race, take a look at Jamie's photos from the event.



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