RadioPoppers in the Wild

The guys from TriCoast Photo have gotten a chance to play with the new RadioPoppers, and dropped a juicy comment in tonight just to make all of you short-range TTL'ing chumps jealous.

Their comments, and a link to full post with pix, after the jump.

From TriCoast comment:

Hey we just tested out the Radio Poppers first hand at our Wireless flash and Video light workshop in San Diego yesterday and today.

I must admit I was somewhat worried as everyone has been on this product since it seems to be to good to be true. Blending the vast control aspects of the IR of the eTTL and iTTL methods with the Pocket Wizard security of radio waves.

Well this past few days TriCoast has been one of the first group of people to really test these little guys out.

First and foremost THEY ARE REAL, nice little packages, simple to store in your camera bag and easy to "attach" to your flash units. After a very quick run down on them by Kevin King we were off shooting and well without any problems what so ever.

I used my Mark (sic) body with my 580ex on my camera as MASTER and a 580ex II as my Slave unit and all functions of eTTL along with the power adjustments from the Master flash worked without any problems. I took the first shot, the flash (which had the IR sensor taped up - covered) fired, exposing the subject with too much light. I simply lowered the flash output on the flash by a little bit, took another shot and got PERFECT exposure and image.

Radio Poppers truly gives me the best of both worlds.

Teaching wireless flash around the world this product will change my method of teaching as well as personally shooting.

So in Summary:

Radio Poppers ARE REAL
Radio Poppers WORK


More, and lotsa pix, at the TriCoast blog.


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