Readers Making News

Strobist reader Gary Cosby, Jr., who is a staff photographer for The Decatur (AL) Daily, had a nice "on assignment-style" post about using small flashes to create this illustrative portrait about a local low-budget movie director. Click on the pic, or here to read more.

On a sadder and more timely note, if you happened to look at nearly any major paper in the US today you also stood a good chance at seeing Gary photo from the tornadoes which ripped through the southeastern states on Feb. 5 and 6. Gary's photo became the iconic image for a tragedy which left more than 50 people dead, and many more lives altered.

It was lead art in the New York Times and USA Today, among many other papers. You can see his photo, and read his account of making it, here. For those of you interested in pursuing a career in photojournalism, Gary's account offers much for you to learn.

On the lighter side, my colleague Chris Assaf threw up an OA post of his own on Photo Edge today, blogging about the process of trying to sex up a shot of a keyboard with a little funky bottom light.

Chris has also started a new Photo Edge Flickr group, if you are into the PJ thing and want to mingle.



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