DIY: Light Beer

Anyone who has been reading this site should know by now that I am a sucker for cool lighting stuff that can be done with the aid of a cardboard box. And when it involves beer, well, so much the better.

More, courtesy photographer Nick Wheeler, after the jump.

For one-off shoots that need special supports of light modifiers, always look into the idea of making vs. buying. And Nick's DIY-enhanced studio setups are really worth following, using household items and cardboard boxes to create exactly the type of light he needs.

In this case, he uses a large cardboard box to support the glass shooting surface. Since the surface is transparent, he can light the beer from below to get a nice, internal glow before he even starts to light the bottle itself.

The bottom light is coming from inside the box, where the tan cardboard warms it up as is bounces around inside what is now essentially an undiffused softbox. The box does not soften the light a great deal -- it is just filling out a little with reflections. But it does warm the light up a bit.

What is the flash mounted on in the bottom of the box?

Another cardboard box, of course.

For a detailed write-up on this shoot check out


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