No Matter Which Swivel You Get, You're Screwed.

I got a note from Stu at MPEX that the LP632 "shorty" swivels (which have been updated to have screws in the shoes for securely mounting the newer, metal flashes) have been selling faster than they can get them in. They are on backorder for, well, awhile.

But... when he wrote to tell me that they are subbing out the LUM5099's (pictured above) for those who need a swivel, I noticed that they, too, are now coming with the little flash-securing screws.


This is good news for people (like me) who do not want to see their SB-800's (or 580 EX II's or many other newer flashes) crashing to the floor. I hope this little feature finds its way through every single flash swivel on the planet.



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