Westward Ho: Open Mic

I am in the air all day living on teeny tiny bags of Southwest Airlines peanuts, headed to the Phoenix seminars this weekend. (I do hope I get one of the jets without the cracks.)

Anyway, this means that your pithy comments will languish unmoderated all day long, as the captain hates it when I screw up the plane's nav system with my cellphone internet connection.

Especially if it interferes with the Pocket Wizard he is using in the cockpit.

If you are coming to either of the seminars, I will see you this weekend. I would say that I will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when we start up at 9:30am each day, but "bushy-tailed" usually does not apply until about 10:30. I'll fake it with Diet Mountian Dew until then.

Bring your PayPal email from the purchase transaction (I have a list also though) something on which to makes notes, a camera with a wide lens (if you want to shoot the setups) a PW (on channel 1) if you are gonna pwn me, and an open mind. We're gonna have fun.

Testing: 1,2,3...

Speaking of my incommunicado status all day Thursday, I am repeating something I have done in the past while traveling: It's open mic time. What would you like to learn more about on this site?

The biggest difference between a blog and a magazine is the real-time interactive nature of the former. This site is for you, and I always enjoy learning what you might like to know more about. Because I would probably like to know more about it, too.

Hit me with my future marching orders in the comments.

(SWA 737 Belly by Strobist reader Wirehead. Click on the pic for some interesting Boeing 737 trivia in the photo's notes.)



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