Bits and Pieces, 4/15/2008

Nothing to tax you too much on Tax Day here in the US. Just a couple of things of interest to lighting photographers. Now if you'll excuse me I gotta get back to seeing if I can figure out a way to classify my SB-800s as dependents...

• Adorama will be hosting "An Evening with Joe McNally" on May 8th, in New York City. (Assuming Joe is past his jet lag from the workshops in Dubai, that is.) It's $25, but you get a $25 gift certificate if you attend. Which makes it free-ish. I'd jump on this pretty quick if you want to go.

• Quest Couch, the man behind all of the LumiQuest Light Modifiers, is looking for feedback on what, if any, kind of a DIY kit they should offer. If you are looking for this kind of stuff, now's your chance to make yourself heard.

• Finally, there's a new issue of The F/Stop out. But I don't think I am smart enough to understand it...



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