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First Look: Honl Speed Grids

UPDATE: David has a blog post about them here, with more info.

Here's what I will be playing with this weekend: Just got me a set of the not-yet-released Honl Speed Grids.

I'll be down at Western Kentucky University on Saturday, teaching an in-house lighting day for the PJ students. And we will definitely have to give these a test drive.

One more pic, showing the mounting system more clearly, after the jump.

It mounts via a Speed Strap velcro system (or sticky velcro if you must) and is sized to fit all flashes up to the honker Vivitar 285HV size. (Fits the Viv almost perfectly, and the tension mount is sufficient to keep it in place on anything else.)

First impressions: Solid, nice falloff at the edges, come in two flavors - 1/4 and 1/8. (This is the 1/8.) As always, click the pix for bigger views. I left them open in case you want to embed them anywhere.

More pix coming when I have a chance to play...


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