Welcome, USA Today Readers

If you are dropping by after reading the story in Wednesday's USA Today, we're glad to have you.

Fair warning: You may at first be a little overwhelmed with some of the current lighting info on Strobist.

Don't worry, that's cool. We were all beginners at some point, too. To help make some sense of it all, read our Welcome Page to see what we are all about. Then get ready to hit the Lighting 101 section if you want to start from square one.

For the regulars, hit the "Keep Reading" link for a couple of videos from the USAT interview, one of which is a sort-of lighting demo. And kudos to USAT staff photographer H. Darr Beiser, who creatively avoided unnecessary work by making me light myself...

Videos from the USA Today Interview

They interviewed me at the local library, where I frequently go to work. I am there so often, it is kinda like the "Norm" thing, from Cheers:

When Darr went to take the photo for the paper, he had me light myself on the spot, and then video'd me while I did it:

Many thanks to both Jeff and Darr -- but next time, please use Adobe After Effects to skinny me up some, will ya?


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