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Just Another Boring Monday at the Office

We wrapped up teaching in Dubai on Sunday, and some of us have a couple days left over for R&R.

Having figured out that there was not actually anything in the Dubai stores that we could afford to buy, Joe McNally and I spent the day in the desert shooting.

You'd think we could get through this vacation without having to work so much. But, nooooo -- he hadda drag our butts out to the desert with a Land Cruiser full of flashes and a Czech model named Lenka.

Lahf, she can beh such eh struggle, no?

We spent the afternoon and twilight there, where we learned things like how to set off seven SB-800s at a time and basic camel avoidance techniques.

I am pretty sure the UAE military saw all those strobes going off on their radar. They sent a Chinook chopper into the desert to strafe us take a look.

Much more to come later. We shot video, setups, sound, etc. -- all via my trusty little Canon G9. We'll be working up full posts on both blogs. FWIW, I have several posts to come out of the Dubai trip. We have been having great fun and doing lots of lighting.

McNally has been shooting rings around us -- with a point-and-shoot, natch.

But tomorrow, no more hard labor. It's time for a dip in the Persian Gulf...

UPDATE: Whoa. It never occurred to me that our model, Lenka, could have been the same Lenka that was in the 2006 DIY ring flash post. But comparing the two photos, I am now about 90% sure it was the same person.

I will have to find out via email after I return. What an amazing coincidence if so.

UPDATE #2: I was 90% sure, and 100% wrong!



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