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Coming Soon: New AlienBees Wireless Triggers

This snuck up on me from left field: Paul C. Buff is about to cut the cord.

He is redesigning his wireless remotes with some added features, including a receiver that is battery powered. The current version has a batt-powered xmitter and an AC receiver. He's calling it the CyberSync.

Lotsa cool features, for notta lotta dough. Specs, links and another photo, after the jump.

Shown at top is the transmitter, with the receiver shown at left. At first glance, these look like a very good mid-range entry to sit between the Pocket Wizards and the Ebay remotes.

They do not have the range of the industry-standard Pocket Wizards, but they only cost about a third as much for the set. And yes, they are more expensive than the Ebay remotes. But you also have to take into account the cost of ammo in the event they fail you on an important shoot and make you want to eat a gun...

Highlights From the Specs Page

• 2.4 GHz band, with a "high degree of error security" for more reliable tripping.

One year(!) battery life for the transmitter.

• Usable range of up to 400 feet, depending on terrain.

• Receiver operates on AA's, with 200-hour battery life, which is further extended by an "auto shutoff" function.

• Receivers ship with the following cords: 3.5mm-to-3.5mm, 3.5mm-to-1/4" adapter and 3.5MM to PC (which will connect it directly to an Nikon SB speedlight with a PC jack.)

• Best yet, the price: $59.95 for the transmitter and $69.95 for the receiver.

Paul Buff has a decades-long reputation for building quality gear at very good prices. I imagine the CyberSyncs will be no exception. Transmitters and AC receivers are shipping now, with battery-powered receivers anticipated later this month.

More info is available at the AlienBees website.

(Thanks to the anonymous tipster in the comments!)


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