Speedlinks, June 11, 2008

It's been forever since we did one of these, and I had a bunch of cool stuff pop up this week. So here goes:

• What? You haven't pimped your McNally yet? Me, neither. But I think I'm gonna. (Note to Annie: Please actually read the post before jumping to any naughty conclusions...)

• Live near Denver? Now you can get your small-flash learn on in person with Dave Tejada.

• Scott Kelby takes you on a tour of photo permit purgatory.

• Lighten up, Frances: Check out Zack "OneLight" Arias' excellent series of white background tutorials. Dude gets the Apple reflection look with a $10.97 Home Depot panel -- gotta love that. Great series, Zack.

• Is your dad hideous? Give him a Father's Day makeover with lighting tricks...



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