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Canon G9: The New Polaroid?

Back in the day, when the earth was still cooling and dinosaurs still roamed the plains, film-shooting photogs used to have to proof on Polaroid backs. Wasn't cheap, or convenient: $2.00 a pop, and two minutes to pull a print.

That doesn't sound too bad until you realize how fast light can change at, say, golden hour.

I was talking today with Grayson Schaffer, an associate editor with Outside Magazine, and the subject of shooting film came up.

He surprised me by telling me that about 20-25% of their photographers still use film. Then he told me that many of the film shooters carry a Canon G9 to use as a Polaroid back.

Makes perfect sense: It has a wide range of lenses built in, can go full manual with aperture and shutter and has a PW-friendly hot shoe. Plus there's that big, juicy screen on the back.

Grayson said the photogs shoot piggyback with the G9, which shows them what they are getting on their (usually) 120 format film. This is especially important when lighting a photo. Seriously, how would you like to shoot film and go without that little helper on the back of your DSLR for a while?

(Me, either.)

Plus, they can email the digital "Polaroids" to the magazine while they are still on assignment, to let them know what's coming. Cool beans. Gotta tell you, the conversation gave me thoughts of dusting off the old Hassy.

I know we have some folks who still shoot film on this site. Any of you using a G9 (or similar camera) as a proofing back for the analog camera? Tell us how it's working for you, accuracy-wise, in the comments.



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