Time to Give Away Some PocketWizards

The votes are in, and the July winner for the PocketWizard / Strobist "Going Wireless" contest is...

Ryan Allan.

Congrats to Ryan who took a skateboarder shoot / lighting demo and turned it into art. Not that art is required to win, but it just stood out from the other entries and was the unanimous choice for July's winner. His was chosen from those videos entered before the end of July.

Several other vids stood out, and they (like all of the other videos) remain in the running for future months. Get those videos in and tagged, folks. We had a total of 24 videos entered in time for this month's judging. Them ain't bad odds for a free set of PocketWizard Plus II's.

Little hint, there are over a hundred Strobist-tagged videos in the system which could be in the running for the coming months. All you have to do is add the tag "pocketwizardstrobist". Don't strain yourself with the extra workload.

Already have some fun stuff coming in this month, too. The earlier you get your videos in, the more chances you have to win.

Full details on the PocketWizard / Strobist video contest here.


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