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Thanks for giving it a look—and for your comments and feedback.

Betcha Can't Watch it Just Once

I always enjoy a good photo shoot video. You know, a little chance to see behind the scenes, the studio banter, some cool finished stills at the end. Nice way to spend a few minutes.

Several months ago, Chase Jarvis did a promo still/video shoot for the Kung Fu HD network. For various reasons, he has not been able to publish it until now. But I got an early sneak peak, and I thought it was killer.

So I watched it again. And again. And again.

How many times? I have no friggin' idea. I only know that I was watching the full, 1080p version via his server. So every time I hit the "play" button, it cost him about 35 megs worth of bandwidth.

Suffice to say, I owe Chase a beer next time I see him. An imported beer.

Fortunately, it's on YouTube now, so I can watch it without the guilt. It's cool as a moose, and I know at least 94 percent of you are gonna like it too. Oh, and yeah -- that song is in heavy rotation on my iPod now.

Enjoy. And head over to Chez Chase to read more and see the stills if you liked it.

(Credits, Superfad team: Will Hyde (Superfad Founder, CD) Dade Orgeron (Concept + Director) Rob Sanborn (Exec Prod) Stephen McGehee (DOP) David Viau and Luke Allen (Designers) Phiphat Pinyosophon (Sim Artist) Ryan Haug (Editor) Nate Barr (Producer) Kung Fu Master: Paul Gutierrez.



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