OT, But Critical and Time Sensitive: Digital Railroad Implosion Info

Please pardon the OT post. It's a bit of an emergency for many shooters. Thanks.

If your stuff is on Digital Railroad, which is shutting down in such an abrupt way as to hose its photographers, you have until midnight on Oct 31st (PST/GMT-8) to migrate your stuff to someplace safe. Even this short time frame was won of hard negotiation.

This is way off topic for this site, and I have thus far resisted the urge to go off-niche to cover this story. But I am sure that many readers are affected, and DRR simply is not giving its shooters time to migrate in an orderly way.

If you are were a client, act fast -- as in now.

For more info and in-depth coverage:

Photo Business Forum, shows exactly how to migrate via FTP (Thanks much for that info, John)
Vincent Laforet, expressing the anger felt by many shooters
• PhotoShelter, just off of a closure of their own, tries to pick up the DRR pieces with help (they negotiated the extension) info, offer
PDN Online story , with ongoing coverage at PDNPulse



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