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T-Day Speedlinks

If you are a turkey, today is a good day get out of town. Horrible, unspeakable things are happening to your kind on Thanksgiving Day here in the US.

But otherwise, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. And after you are done feeding your face, don't forget about the big plate of speedlinks for dessert, after the jump...

• Pixsylated has been on a tear lately, with this high-speed sync tute, and an in-depth field test of the RadioPopper RP-1's.

• If you have a teenage daughter, you probably know about Twilight, the juggernaut book series and new teen flick. Wanna guess who shot the movie posters? (We interviewed him a ways back, here.)

• How much work does it take to be a success in microstock? Way more than you probably think.

• As a result of user feedback, MPEX's Strobist Kits have been updated. Out: Batteries and chargers (which you can get just about anywhere.) In: White shoot-thru's and kit cases.

• Guinness Book of World Records, white courtesy phone please: Peter Emmett tests out the entire Rosco sample pack. Words fail me.

• From Malaysia, a new modular speedlight modifier kit.

• Not lighting, but the best reminder in a long time to always buckle up: A Nikon D3 sequence of a speedboat drag racing 200 MPH crash sequence, courtesy Mark Rebilas. (Scroll down for the good stuff.)


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