Bite Me, Hallmark

UPDATE: Photo now links to Zach's walk-thru on his blog.

Reader Zach Hodges, whose family was apparently really into the Twilght movie, decided to unload a full can o' Hollywood with his Christmas card this year. The up-to-the-minute spoof guaranteed prime refrigerator placement for every recipient under 30, with an equally resounding "What the...?" from everyone over 40.

The subjects were shot separately and composited together, which made it possible to do the whole thing very easily with just three speedlights. Canon 580 EX in a homemade beauty dish on the main light, with a 580 and 430 on the back/sides as rims.

Only after Zach started the project was he surprised to find out who shot the actual movie poster. Zach's card was done as an homage, and he wishes the original photog all the best and kindly hopes that Joey will not hunt him down and beat him to death with his skateboard.

Check out Zach's site, linked above, to see the cool work he does when not shooting the familial undead. (And click the pic above for the full walk-thru of how Zach did the composite shot.) Also, you can see more of Joey L's work here.

And if you did a killer holiday card this year, hit us with a link to the image in the comments.



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