Speedlinks: December 18th, 2008

In this most eclectic edition of Speedlinks, we feature:

The "Crotch Flash," a "POS," a slideshow without slides, an inside job gone horribly wrong and a little piece of American history...

• WTJ has a video interview with a shooter who was pretty much assigned to shoot an entire issue of a fashion mag. Of interest to the alternate-style lighting folks, the "crotch flash," which shows up at about the 8:00 mark.

• You know how all of those photo gear review articles in magazines will sometimes tiptoe around the fact that they absolutely hate something? Well, someone forgot to tell The Online Photographer about that rule.

• Well worth a listen: Audio from Platon's presentation at this year's Eddie Adams Workshop. (EAW '89 alum here, representin'.)

• Talk your way into the White House: Check. Get images for assignment with sneaked in amateur camera: Check. Destroy your SD card in an effed-up card reader afterwards: Check. (Now what?)

• Last but not least, Matt Mendelsohn, the photographer who made that wonderful election night photo at the Lincoln Memorial, has released it as a signed, limited edition print.

If you (or someone you know) is going to be particularly stoked on January 20th, this would be an extremely cool way to photographically mark the occasion. And if you are a picture editor putting together your preview coverage for Inauguration Day, it's a heckuva moment -- 45 years in the making.


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