Nifty Three-way Flash Bracket at WPPI

Cool little triple flash bracket from Lastolite, the "Triflash," is being shown on the floor of WPPI this week. Being a Bogen Imaging product, I can only think McNally had something to do with this. Not available yet, so we'll have to wait a bit.

Looks very useful (and small) for spreading a decent amount of speedlight juice into an umbrella. You can mount one, two or three strobes easily.

I am liking the clamp. But my favorite thing about this photo is that someone is actually making fake speedlights for displays now. Just like the fake TVs in the Ikea showrooms. We've arrived.

[UPDATE: No, we haven't. Those are apparently Metz strobes, as per the comments. Sigh.]

More info: Lastolite Triflash

(Thanks to Curtis Joe Walker for the heads-up.)



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