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One Light, One Kill...

Okay, so imagine you are Zack "OneLight" Arias (that's him above, with the cheeky grin propping up the Cosmopolitan) and you are attending your first GPP in Dubai as an instructor. You hear it falls to the new guy to take the group portrait.

That "new guy" thing is a crock, of course. But I'm betting Zack doesn't know this. I did it last year in 129-degree heat, so this year I get to chill. (Oh, and I did it available light...)

No pressure -- you are just gonna light a couple dozen people in a very dark theatre is all. Oh yeah, but one of them happens to be Joe '57-Speedlight' McNally. No pressure there. And the pucker factor isn't lessened any by instructor Chris Hurtt and yours truly constantly mentioning how daaaark that big theatre is, either. Plus a few well-timed flash pops on his PW frequency just to keep him on his toes.

So what does Zack do? He steps up to the plate, points to the left centerfield fence and takes the first pitch downtown: He lit the entire group with one SB-25 speedlight and a, uh, Gary Fong Lightsphere. How, you might ask?

Like this.

(Insanely high ISO photo by someone who picked up my camera at the Vista bar one night in Dubai.)



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