Congrats to Dave Honl

Most of you guys like to ape great shooters. That's Dave Honl, left, shooting a great ape.

I wanted to take a minute to raise a glass to Dave, who has just taken his in-house light mods business to a whole new level -- thanks in large part to support from this community...

We Knew Him When

Less than two years ago, Dave Honl started making his now-famous speedlight modifiers. And when I say "making," I mean that as in sewing them himself, packaging them, packing and shipping -- a one-man band.

As of last month, Dave will now be free to do other things, like, say, sleeping and eating -- maybe even taking a picture or two. That's because his light mods are henceforth being distributed by ExpoImaging, whom you may have noticed on the right sidebar.

This means fewer all-nighters for Dave and wide availability for his mods. ExpoImaging even went eco-friendly with the new packaging, which is cool.

Congrats (and welcome) to John and Erik at EI, as Honl's mods join a fast-growing roster of very lighting-friendly stuff, including the Ray Flash ring flash adapter and the classic Dean Collins DVDs of which I am a huge fan.

Way to go, Dave. Take a deep breath, pop a cold one and enjoy some well-deserved famliy time. And on behalf of Dave, John, Erik and myself, thanks much to the readers of this site for your support.


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