UPDATE, JUNE 2024: Strobist was archived in 2021. Here is what I am up to now. -DH


Drop and Give Me Twenty

For the last six months this site has been long on spoon-fed information and short on homework. The result: A bunch of soft, pasty, newcomers who have drifted in since the last time we did any real work around the place. You newbs have been coddled long enough.

So, coming in June ...

Boot Camp II

Are you worthless and weak? Do you cry for your mama every time you need to balance a couple of flashes with the ambient?

Are you still using TTL bounce flash?

We are here to save you from yourself. This summer, you'll have the opportunity to get off your arse (as Zack would say) and do something.

Worldwide Recession Edition

Yeah, we know times are tough all over. Quitcher bellyaching and use this time to build your skills, to make contacts -- maybe even help someone out.

And just to make things more interesting, we gots prizes coming. Each assignment will have a little bonus attached to it for the best butt-buster of the bunch.

But more than that, you'll get a chance to see what photographers from all around the world create while working with your exact assignment.

So, recharge those NiMH's, field strip your LP604's and bore-sight those home-made straw grids. Spread the word: Boot Camp II begins shortly, at oh-dark-thirty.

As you were, maggots.


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