MetalHead Makes Your Home Depot Boom More Functional, Less Embarrassing

This is is a MetalHead. At least, that's what I am calling it.

I first saw one while teaching in Paso Robles earlier this month, and it is a pretty neat idea.

It is made of solid, turned aluminum (or aluminiumium, for you syllable-happy UK'ers.) It converts the threaded end of a standard painter's pole -- of which there are many inexpensive and varied choices -- to a 5/8" male stud. And it does so without adding too much weight.

This makes it perfect for mounting speedlights (via the umbrella swivel) for your voice-activated-booming pleasure. It is perfect for when you wanna go all Nick Turpin on someone.

Working in manual (like Nick does) you'd want to keep your distances consistent. I am not a heavy wireless TTL user, but for event / wedding shooters this would also be a sweet combo with a RadioPopper or a PW Flex. Or plain old CLS / eTTL, of course.

You can read much more about it on PixSylated (including an ideal extendable HD pole to mate it with). They are available for $18.99, here, and $21.99, here.

(Click on the pic if you want to know how it was lit with one, handheld speedlight.)



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