WTJ Gets a Sneak at Dan Winters' New Book

Very psyched to see this. I did not even know a book had been in the works.

I love Dan Winters' work. Especially his lighting, of course, but I love the whole package. There is an inspiration folder on my laptop which includes the work of a selection of photographers I really admire. He's in there, of course. But Winters is one of only four photographers whose work is with me (via iPhone) all of the time.

Many thanks to Andrew Hetherington at WTJ for the full flip-thru. (If you are reading this via RSS or email, you may have to click through on the post title to see the vid.) The book is shipping from Amazon starting today. My week just got a little better.

UPDATE: NPR had a nice writeup with 13 photos from the book, here.

(Via WTJ)



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