And Who Says Heathrow isn't Efficient?

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Have you seen that giant "glad to see ya again" poster up at Heathrow Airport in London?

So, what kind of lighting goes into something like that -- Profotos? Broncolors?

How about a few speedlights.

Nick Turpin's snooted Nikon SB-800 street photography caught the eye of an ad agency in London who wanted to replicate the same look in a controlled, studio environment.

Only problem is Nick's fill light is normally the sun. But it turns out with a budget like that, you can rent the sun, baby!

The speedlights only get a cameo in this video. But it shows pretty much everything from casting (just soft boxes) to shooting, to the over-the-shoulder-looking-beverage-swilling AD, to installation of the actual, rather largish poster.

Hit the jump for a 13-min BBC 4 Radio interview with Nick, set to a slideshow of some of his street images.

You can see more of Nick's work at his website.


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