New, Extended Dave Hill BTS Videos

UPDATE: After a small outage earlier today, Dave Hill's website is back on track...

Nashville-to-L.A. alt-shooter Dave Hill has done a major refresh on his website, with lotsa new pics and a half dozen behind-the-scenes videos -- some of which are nice and long.

Hit the jump for two BTS's and links to the photographer whose post-processing volume control knob goes up to "eleven".

(RSS/email readers may have to click on the post title to get the movies, depending on your reader.)

Kudos to Dave for giving the BTS camera loose rein. He just lets them roll, catching a lot of useful info for people who like to watch over his shoulder.

In fact, just about the only thing he doesn't show you are final shots. But if you are interested, you can find those with a little quick dig through his portfolio, linked below.

The first vid (above) from a shoot of Martha MacIsaac for AP magazine, is a good 4-minute lesson on how to control and shape sunlight in the foreground without losing consistency with the background.

He silks it to smooth out the harshness and put the subject in shade, then builds it back up by firing a huge octa through the silk. The light mimics the natural light in direction, but the quality is much better. He also can now totally control the relative light levels between the subject and the background, as her ambient is below that of the buildings in back.

Add a right-back rim and his ever-present ring/fill (which Dave recently had surgically attached to his left hand) and you are good to go.

The "Adventure Girl" BTS is a magnum opus, clocking in at 11:24 mins. It's worth a watch, however, as you get several shoots and a lot of non-lighting stuff (like, when shoveling dirt on your subjects, be sure to tell them to close their eyes and their mouths...)

He uses a lot of VAL'd lights in this one, with the idea being that you do whatever you need to do to get the light wherever it needs to be.

These vids both serve in HD, so click over to that format if you are running them full screen.

Big ups to Dave for all of the rich content on the new site. Be sure to check out his new portfolio to look for finals from the above. And you can watch several more videos, here.


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