We Were Ring Flash When Ring Flash Wasn't Cool

I nearly spit Diet Mountain Dew all over my keyboard tonight when WIRED.com, who purports to write for reasonably normal people, uncorked a review of four different ring flashes.

What is the world coming to? Have we gotten... mainstream?

I certainly hope not.

I spoke to Jonathan Snyder, who shoots for WIRED.com and did the review. And he said since they use them all of the time, he decided to do a quick review.

Notably absent:

The Orbis (seriously, James, you gotta send them one) and Jedrek's DIY Tupperware version. Just sayin'.

You can catch the review here, and see more of photog Jonathan Snyder's work here.

One more tidbit from Jon -- WIRED has just started up a photo blog.




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