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Savage Review: Pneumatic Posing Table

I try not to spend much space here on product reviews. And generally when I do review something, it is because I really like it.

Usually, my logic is, "Why waste both my time and yours if I am just going to dog something?"


What a Posing Table is Supposed to Do

The idea is simple. The combination of a stool and posing table allows for a comfortable support for arms, elbows, etc., so you can have lots of flexibility with body position when shooting relatively tight portraits.

And to be fair, I will give Savage props for hitting a very attractive price point -- $120. That's not only for the table, but a stool and two fill reflectors (silver and gold) to fit the table.

That would be a killer deal. If it worked.

That Sinking Feeling

The problem is that it simply will not support even modest pressure on the table. It purports to be adjustable, but as soon as you pose on it, it slooooowly heads south.

Clearly they were cutting some corners to hit the price. But jeez, this thing is about as stable as North Korea.

I took a chance on it even though one of the two reviews on Amazon mentioned the exact same problem. I figured maybe the guy got one that was a little out of whack and I'd be luckier.

With mine doing exactly the same thing, I have to think there might be a design problem at play. Sad, as I only planned to give it light duty and thought I could get away with going the bargain route.

As a stop gap, I have taken to wrapping a collar of gaffer's tape around the center column where I want the handy quicksand action to stop. (You can better see the tape collar if you click through on the pic above.) But I really should not have to do that.

If you are in the market for a posing table, I'd recommend skipping this one. And if you have one to recommend, please hit us with a comment and link below.


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