What Crosses My Mind While Sampling the Spinach Ravioli with Pesto...

Which is literally what I was doing when I turned around and snapped this iPhone pic in my local Costco recently. (Making sure not to get busted as a terrorist for snapping a pic in a Costco, of course...)

It's 10'x10', and 10' high. It looks pretty color neutral and costs about $200. It sets up easily with an accordion-folding frame.

How would you use it?

Why couldn't this be an inexpensive, easy-to-pack freestanding scrim to easily surround someone in shade for outdoor shooting?

Choose your background -- in any direction -- and erect the canopy over where the subject will be. Now they are in soft, white-light shade a coupla stops under the ambient background. Perfect for ambient-balanced fill. Add lights and stir, without worrying about what your ambient sun is doing.

Presto -- totally controllable foreground and background.

You could light your subject completely independent of the background. For instance, you could work some front flash against ambient back light. Or you could kill unflattering front/top sunlight and replace it with better quality flash.

Height is an issue if you are going to shoot standing and light from up top. Or heck, maybe just blast the AB1600 right through the canopy if you want.

It folds into a rolling duffle bag, is easy to transport and could double as a changing room (or a cookout-type canopy) when you are not using it to shoot.

Am I nuts? Has anyone tried this? If so, hit us in the comments and let us know how it worked out.


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