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Annie / Mad Men BTS Video

[UPDATE: Even though the "autoStart" tag in the embedded video is set to "false," the vid seems to be auto-starting anyway. Apologies to the clandestine viewers locked in their cubicles. I am placing the video and the rest of the post behind a "read more" jump to give you a chance to turn the sound down.

Any further flash coding tech help mucho appreciated!

If you saw Vanity Fair's Mad Men spread in the current issue, here's a quick behind-the-scenes video of Annie Leibovitz shooting it. (After the obligatory pre-roll ad, of course.)

Just a little bit of lighting seen in this one, and she's mostly aping ambient with the Photek Soft-Liter and a voice-activated boom again. Balance-wise, she is more fine-tuning the quality of the ambient than overpowering it. And the result is both subtle and beautiful.

As for your Labor Day weekend, rest assured it is probably more relaxing than Annie's. She has a $24,000,000.00 debt payment due Tuesday. I'd roll that baby forward to a new Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards card and fly free for-EVER.

[UPDATE: Oops. Annie's weekend just got worse...]

(Thanks to Sean for the tip.)


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