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Light is Not Your Problem.

Here's a little news flash for the majority of the people reading this site right now -- yours truly included:

Your lighting is probably not what is holding you back. A trained monkey can learn how to light. It is the stuff which your lighting is supposed to be secondary to that is holding you back.

It is your ideas -- or lack of them -- that is holding you back. Ditto, your ability to create a moment within the environment of all of that nifty light you have set up.

Who or what are you going to shoot? How are you going to approach it? Why? How are you going to create the personal intersection between subject and photographer that allows for even the possibility of a great photo to happen? How can you coax a moment of visual candor out of them?

That, for me, is the hard part.

So when I see a video of a photographer whom I really respect talking holistically about what goes into his or her photography, I am gonna watch it. Repeatedly. Even more so when the photographer in question is Dan Winters, my favorite photographer working today.

This video really got me thinking on several levels. But I would be curious to know how it caused you to think about your approach, too. So I want to open the comments up to that.

This interview is from FLYP, a wonderfully diverse multimedia magazine, of which you can see more here. And if you are not familiar with Dan Winters, his website is here.



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