Rob Galbraith Posts Full AB Einstein Spec Sheet

I have been in the email loop with Paul Buff on the upcoming "Einstein" monoblocs. And FWIW, they look to be pretty hot. But I was operating on the assumption that we were dealing in privileged info.

Well, darned if Rob Galbraith didn't just let the cat right out of the bag. (I am pretty sure Rob checked it out with Paul first, 'cause Rob is a pretty ethical guy.)

But just to be safe, I am gonna be a weenie and just hit the high points before pointing you to Rob's site...

• 640 WS, and runs on 95-260VAC, autoswitching. No word on availability to you shifty-eyed foreigners, but the worldwide voltages is promising.

• Power goes down to 2.5 fricken' watt-seconds -- that's less than 1/16th power on a speedlight -- in 0.1-stop increments and a 1.7-sec recycle at full power.

• Modes for both CONSTANT COLOR (minimizes shift to +/-50K) and ACTION (very short pulse durations). More tech on that here.

• 250W quartz modeling light. (Yay.)

• Removable dome unifies flash tube and modeling light for exact, WYSIWYG modeling.

• LCD display, digital controls with lots of menus and features -- and a "back to factory preset" button for menu idiots like me.

• Now takes light mods with bigger shafts. (Shut up.)

• Can set to beep when recycled. ('Bout damn time.)

• Slave cell (180-degree field of view) is now on top, where it should have been all along.

Looking like December '09 release (translation: ~March '10?) for $439.95 (translation: almost certainly $439.95.)

Lots, lots, lots more info on Galbraith's gun-jumping post. He is even ahead of Paul Buff's site as far as I can tell. So head on over if you are into AB's.

[UPDATE: They are already discussing it on the Strobist boards, here.]


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