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10m Nikon/Canon TTL Cords Now on Ebay

After several months of use, I am a pretty big fan of my YongNuo 10-meter TTL cord.

Most of the time I do not use it for TTL. But I frequently use it as a rock-solid, quick PC cord that can also handle FP sync when I want to do an f/2.8 portrait, lit in full sun. And if you are using CLS, it is also great for getting the master flash to a place where it can see all of the remote flashes.

The problem has been where to find them, as no one seems to have picked up the ball at retail. But they have finally popped up on eBay in quantity on both Nikon and Canon platforms, and from someone who ships worldwide.

As of right now, the specific pages are here for the Nikon and Canon versions. But those auction listings will change, so you can always search Nikon 10m TTL and Canon 10m TTL to track them down.

Both versions are under $50 USD, with free worldwide shipping.

And if anyone knows of any established retail outlets (as opposed to eBay sellers) who may also be stocking them, please feel free to post a direct product URL in the comments.

(Thanks to Selbosh for the eBay tip via the comments.)

Pixel TR-331 Update

And speaking of remote TTL capability, I placed some first-person review notes (from VA-based photog Don Harper) on the previously mentioned Pixel TTL remotes in the Flickr thread dedicated to that product, where most of the best info is already collected.

And there is another, excellent review in that thread, here.



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